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I'm on your mailing list. Does that mean I am a member?

Not necessarily. Our Membership database and the Sangha News Weekly email software are different systems. You become a member when you make a contribution through the Membership page.

I made a membership contribution. Am I on the SFZC mailing list?

Maybe. When you make a membership contribution, there is an option labelled: "I would like to receive news and information from San Francisco Zen Center." If you leave that box checked, you will be added to our Membership mailing list as well as the Sangha News Weekly list. When you receive the Sangha News Weekly email, you have the option of unsubscribing at that time.

If you unchecked the email 'opt-in' checkbox when you made your contribution, you will not be added to our mailing lists. However, if you already subscribe to Sangha News Weekly, unchecking the opt-in box will not unsubscribe you

Why can't I manage my email preferences in the Account Center?

Since we have streamlined the donations and membership contributions processes, there is no longer an Account Center.

If I unsubscribe from the Sangha News Weekly mailing list, will I still receive communications from SFZC about my membership?

Unsubscribing from the mailing list will not affect procedural email communications from us concerning financial transactions.

How do I change my email address for communications about membership?

To change your email address for communications from us about membership, please contact the Database Manager, Sandra Peterson, at devdataadmin@sfzc.org.

How do I change my email address for the Sangha News Weekly mailing list?

To change your email address for the SNW mailing list, you must first unsubscribe the address you're using now, then join again using the new address here.

For more information

For more information, please contact us. Thank you!